How to Start Play School

Parents these days are more aware than ever about the academics of their children as well as their overall growth. With an increased concern on whether their child will be well prepared to cope with the constantly evolving and challenging world or not, more and more parents are opting for early education for their little ones. Play schools have been growing in popularity of late due to the over growing concern in busy parents’ loves regarding their children and their future. As parents are realizing the importance of providing preschool education to their children, more and more numbers of children have started attending preschools from a tender age of 1.5 years or 2 years.

how to start play school

how to start play school

Play schools definitely play a very significant role in a child’s overall growth and progress. They help in development and honing of physical, emotional, social & intellectual skills very early in life. Due to this trend that has set in, play schools are being considered as one of the most booming and lucrative business models. Aspiring entrepreneurs see potential of huge growth and success as the gestation period in this business is almost zero as compared to other business models. A play school is not as complicated to set up as compared to other businesses. To start with, one must develop an all-inclusive business plan. By developing a business plan you can arrive at an approximate figure of an amount of capital investment & budget distribution required. Usually, an investment of Rs.6 to 7 lakhs is required for opening a play school.  The most important factor in starting a plat school is to have land. So, first select a suitable location and then acquire land in the chosen location. While finalizing the location, make sure that it is not a commercial area or a place on the main street but is instead a residential colony with lush green surroundings. While constructing the school building you should ensure that the architecture is such that children have all the amenities as well as an open space for the children to play and hone their physical skills in. You must equip your play school with child safe & child sized furniture apart from keeping a stock of toys and other learn-while-you-play games and puzzles. You must make sure that the faculty that you build is equipped with qualities like patience, observance and activeness as these are all most important when dealing with children. These are some of the basic requirements for opening a play school anywhere in India. Starting a play school by oneself demands commitment of time and money. However, another way of starting a play school and entering the education arena as an entrepreneur is by opting for obtaining a play school franchise from an established brand. Buying a franchise saves a lot of your time and money, which you otherwise need to invest in starting a school on your own and an additional perk is that getting associated with a known brand saves the marketing expenditure.


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